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John Hudson Dilgen EB Victim Donation Products

John Hudson Dilgen EB Victim Donation Products

John Hudson Dilgen EB Victim Needs Our Help!
Your product purchases from this page will help with donations going to John Hudson Dilgen who is fighting EB a very debilitating and painful disease. Please see John Hudson Dilgens video and story below.



For every order purchased for the products we promote from this page, proceeds will be offered to John Hudson Dilgen and his family to provide him with a better facility and healing environment. Many contractors have freely donated their time to their needed cause. I also see that nurses and people in the medical field are also sharing their expertise to help. What a beautiful thing to share and help those in need. There are also many people who are also donating their time, money and services to them.

We are glad to be a part to help this amazing strong family.



Orlando Pulse Victims Tribute & Gun Control Support

GoFundMe has now stopped accepting donations for the Pulse Club victims but, we have decided to leave the tribute to the Pulse Victims on our page. See below!

Because of the horrific acts in Orlando at the Pulse Club, we are still giving Tribute to the Pulse Victims Never Forgotten. Innocent lives were needlessly taken and it really needs to stop! We stand with those friends and family who will never forget their loved ones and want their voices heard about military guns that kill many people in seconds.

PULSE Club Support Products  PULSE Club Support Products