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About Us

LIFE On The Go was created with You in mind. Your awesome fast paced life and unique styles are what has prompted us to make your LIFE On The Go better, and your LIFEstyle On The Go more unique, comfortable and exciting!

LIFE On The Go was conceived after being online for years in the e-commerce arena from platforms which controlled more of our business than we were willing to continue to allow.

We are Kimberly & Jill...! We have both been working online for several years in e-commerce and decided to team up together for our online adventure! The rewards together have been wonderful as we both bring an enthusiasm and love for this type of diverse lifestyle as we work with two very different schedules! We have utilized online tools to make our time together fun, exciting, and now even more rewarding! We love using our own products to make our life and lifestyles easier, so why not share them with the world...!

Welcome to LIFE On The Go! We decided to increase our store brand and diversify online in our business where we are able to freely provide you an online place where you could get really unique and usable products needed for everyone in your family . 

LIFE On The Go - Gear encompasses sports & outdoor gear you would need for camping, hunting, hiking, biking, running, skating & working out.

LIFE On The Go - Apparel has many of the sports & outdoor clothing you wear On The Go!

LIFE On The Go - Wireless Apparel, is all about the active person who loves sports and still wants to listen to music and answer calls without wires dangling. Who doesn't want to keep in touch with the world while cycling, jogging, skating, exercising, working out at the gym, etc... with everyday wearable hats, headbands, gloves, scarfs, helmets, and other wireless bluetooth enabled products so you have your hands-free and can still have your tunes playing and receive calls during these activities for your active life with styles you can be proud to wear.  Be safe though, and keep the volume where you can still hear important things going on around you!

We are excited that we have many more LIFE On The Go Collections coming this year for Your active lifestyle, Your way! LIFE On The Go Yoga & Meditation was added because even though our Lifestyles are busy, we still need quality time to reflect, be at peace and calm as often as possible to keep that  LIFE On The Go Yoga & Meditation Balanced Life we all crave!

Our most recently added LIFE On The Go Collection is LIFE On The Go Kids and just in time for the summer fun ahead!

We are excited to bring prices and quality that will keep you coming back. Our chief aim is to put you first as our top priority. Welcome to LIFE On The Go!